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Design Services

What images do you want on your Coasters?


We offer FREE designing for simple designs to put on your coasters. Send us an image file of what you would like on your coasters.

Why is it FREE?

As we are always looking for new ideas and designs to add to our coaster designs category and by offering free designing for you so you can get your own personalised Coasters.  The only condition is that our brand name is kept as default at bottom of part for promotional purpose which helps covers our free designing cost. It’s a win/win catch.  

See below guide on how you can create your own personalised coaster. Many people leave the words on the coaster and just add name of their pet below the picture. Also, some people add dates under their pets name for memorial purposes.  

Design Services

We take your privacy seriously. Any information that identifies you (such as names or addresses) will be removed from our future use of the free design.

See our Terms of Services for more details


We do offer personalised custom design work for coasters, fridge magnets and key tags. This paid design work includes removing our brand name

1st Initial consultation is free to check that we are able to create your personalised design. This includes sending us your images and details of what you would like. 

Our Hourly rate is $45 per hour for designing and consultation (minimum charge of $45).

Production cost is very dependent on the outcome of your design work. A main factor is the time it takes the CNC machine to v-carve your design. You will be given an estimate quote at the completion of design work for the production cost, which is separate from the design work.

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