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DeafPirate V-Carving is a small business in Taranaki, New Zealand run by AJ Bishop.

He specialises in CNC Router machining on his custom built 1.5×1.5m CNC machine. It is more than enough to v-carve many coasters. 

CNC v-carving is a time consuming process cutting fine details into most types of wood, especially hardwood. 

All design work is done using specialised professional Vectric V-Carving software that creates the necessary toolpaths for the CNC to process.

Each item is hand finished, sealed and waxed with a handcrafted beeswax mixture.

CNC maching wood v-carving images

Who is AJ?

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AJ is a Deaf man based in New Plymouth in the beautiful Taranaki region of New Zealand.

Being a Deaf man means being very practical and visual. AJ has done a lot of woodwork, metalwork and general tool use over the years and has built up a large knowledge base. This skillset enabled AJ to set up a workshop for his business, including assembling a CNC machine and making some of his own custom machines. V-Carve computer designing is a new challenge that he has embraced.

AJ brings all these tools and techniques together to create custom designed and v-carved wooden products. 

He wants to bring people back into using wooden products rather than plastic products. Coasters are one of many essentials that people use every day to protect surfaces from stains caused by hot or cold beverages. 

He thought why not give coasters a more personal touch that remind you of good memories and good things in life every time you pick up the custom designed and v-carved coasters. And why not share your passions with your family and friends?

Where did the name DeafPirate come from?

 AJ used to live on a sailing boat for a few years down in the beautiful Lyttleton Harbour, Canterbury, New Zealand. It was a cold place during the winter, especially without a heater on his boat. It was a tough life living like pirates used to.

Tree masters

AJ was working as a qualified Arborist at the time – climbing and cutting big trees. 

It wasn’t long before his work mate started calling him a Deaf Pirate because he lived on a boat, was tough and good at his job.

AJ is a friendly pirate and loves helping people to achieve good things in life. Why not let him inspire your dreams and put those dreams onto your coasters. Check out our many design categories or tell us what you would like.